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Maria Bauçà

Languages : Catalan, Spanish & English




Work Experience

Cinema & TV

  • Mai neva a Ciutat. By Joan Fullana & Joan Yago. Nomad Vision for IB3 TV & TV3. Main character, Carme. 2017-2020
  • Pullman. Production of Singular Audiovisuales. Dir. Toni Bestard. Participation as children’s coach. 2018
  • Postals. Espiral Audiovisuales. Documentary-program for IB3 TV. Participation as host. 2016
  • Això és mel. Espiral Audiovisuales. IB3 TV. Participation as episodic host. 2016
  • Parte amistoso. Dir. Luis Ortas. 2014
  • Hotel Bellavista. CEF Produccions for IB3 TV. Character : Bàrbara (main character). 2015
  • La Riera. Televisió de Catalunya TVC. Episode character. 2012
  • Monstruos. Dir. Ferran Bex. 2012
  • L’anell. Produced by Nova TV for IB3 TV. Main character : Magdalena (blind character). 2011
  • Mossèn Capellà. Produced by Nova TV for IB3 TV. Supporting character : Neus. 2011
  • La historia del hombre que caminaba hacia atrás. Dir. Laia Bosch. 2011
  • Ca’n Bum. Co-produced by Singular Audiovisuales & Veranda TV for IB3 TV. Interventions with different episodic characters. 2010
  • L’amo de Son Quint. Produced by Singular Audiovisuales. Dir. Miquel Verd. 2004


  • Rostoll Cremat by T. Gomila. Dir. Oriol Broggi. Season in Palma & in Barcelona. Tour in the Balearic Islands & Catalonia. Festival Grec of Barcelona, 2019. 2018-2020
  • HG, la reina de la belleza by E.Ibsen. Dir. José Martret. Teatro Principal de Palma. 2015
  • O, free version of Otelo by Shakespeare. Corcada Teatre. 2014
  • En un país tan llunyà by J. Yago. Dir. Joan Fullana. Teatre Principal Palma. 2013
  • Prova by D. Auburn. Dir. Emilià Carilla. Tic Teatre. Mallorca & Barcelona. 2011-2010
  • No te’n riguis de Rimbaud. Cabaret. Iguana Teatre. Mallorca & Barcelona. 2010-2011
  • Però com cony s’escriu Txèkhov by Joan Carles Bellviure. Teatre Principal Palma. 2009
  • Extrems by W. Mastrossimone. Dir. Antonio Calvo. Produccions de Ferro & Teatre Principal Palma. 2009
  • Primera història d’Esther by S. Espriu. Dir. Oriol Broggi. Teatre Nacional de Catalunya. 2007
  • Falstaff by Shakespeare. Dramaturgy & direction by Konrad Zschiedrich. Mallorca. 2006
  • Much Ado About Nothing by Shakespeare. Dir. Konrad Zschiedrich. Catalonia & Balearic Islands. 2005-2006
  • Medea-2004 by Eurípides. Version & direction by Rafel Duran. 2004
  • Casa de nines by E. Ibsen. Dir. Rafel Duran. Teatre Nacional de Catalunya. 2004
  • Història(es), creation based on real testimonies. Dir. Joan Carles Bellviure. Teatre Principal de Palma. Projecte Alcover. Sitges Festival. 2002-2003
  • The Sinking of the Titanic by H.M. Enzensberger. Dir. Rafel Duran. Balearic Islands, Festival de Siges & Festival Grec of Barcelona. 2002
  • A Midsummer Night’s Dream by Shakespeare. Produced by Rafel Oliver. Tour in Spain. 2001-2002
  • El enamorats by Goldoni. Dir. Rafel Duran. Teatre Principal Palma. 2001
  • The Soldier’s Tale by Stravinski with the Camarata Variabile Orchestra of Basel. 2000
  • The Lover by H. Pinter. Dir. Boris Rotenstein. Gom Teatre. Barcelona & Balearic Islands. 1999-2001
  • Altes veus by H. Pinter. Iguana Teatre. Balearic Islands, Catalonia & Valencia. 1999-2001
  • Sopar de noces by B. Brecht. Dir. Pere Fullana. Teatre Principal de Palma. 1998
  • Faust by Ll. Villalonga. Dir. Pere Peyró. Teatre Principal de Palma. 1997
  • La Dida by S. Galmés. Dir. Rafel Duran. Teatre Principal de Palma. 1996
  • Gran imprecació davant la murada de la ciutat by T. Dorst. Dir. A. Ma Thomàs. Teatre Principal de Palma. 1996


  • Master in Emotional Ecology. Fundació Àmbit of Barcelona.
  • Master in Advanced Theatre Studies, specializing in stage direction (UNIR).
  • Superior Degree in Dramatic Art, specialization in interpretation, Textual option (ESADIB). 2006-2010
  • Has started studying a degree in Early Childhood Education at UNIR and a degree in Psychology at UOC.
  • Musical training in piano & singing. Major82 music school. 2010-2021
  • Courses and training in the Body, Emotion and Consciousness Method. Workshop in Manacor (Mallorca). 2018-2019
  • Course of interpretation with Pablo Mesiez. Organized by the Teatro Principal de Palma. 2017
  • Approach to the visual language workshop. Cia Philippe Genty with Marzia Gambardella. 2016
  • Workshop with Ernesto Collado organized by the AAAPIB. 2014
  • Fitzmaurice Technique voice course with Francesca Vadell organized by the AAAPIB. 2013
  • Course : body & sound of the actor with Moreno Bernardi organized by AAAPIB. 2013
  • Course : the memory of objects with Xavier Bobés organized by the AAAPIB. 2013
  • Course : theatrical pedagogy with George Lafarriere. 2011
  • Intensive course of Katsugen in the Espacio Versión Movimento with Maria Jesús de los Reyes Manzano. 2009
  • Intensive Seminar of Voice Technique with Serge Wilfart & Marta Gonzalez. 2008
  • Studies of Dramatic Art. School of Performing Arts of the Teatre Sans in Palma de Mallorca. 2003-2007
  • Intensive course of interpretation & body at the Teatre Sans with Mario Bolaños. 2004
  • Course for musicians at the Senglar Campus held in Son Llaüt (Santa Maria, Mallorca). Participation as a singer. 2002

Skills & Personal Info

  • Knowledge, courses and long experience in horseback riding.
  • Experience as a singer in musical groups and theater.