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Isabel Vázquez






  • A certain González. TV series. Shine Iberia (Banijay Iberia). In development. 
  • Bosé. TV series. Screenwriter. Paramount. SkyShowtime, 2022. 
  • Broadcasts for Spain of the Emmys, Golden Globes, Oscars and Feroz Awards. Scriptwriter and presenter/collaborator. Movistar. 2014-2022. 
  • This is not a series. Collaborator. Vodafone. 2019-2020. 
  • Pool Fiction. Collaborator. Movistar. 2016-2018. 
  • Close-up. Scriptwriter and presenter. Movistar. 2017 
  • Likes. Collaborator. Movistar. 2016-2017. 
  • Movistar+ Workshop. Scriptwriter and presenter. Movistar. 2014-2018. 
  • Vive Poniente. Presenter. Canal+ 2014. 
  • Write me a series. Scriptwriter and presenter. Canal+ 2014. 
  • Temptations. Contributor. Canal+ 2014. 
  • Your Disney film. Assistant director. Cuatro. 2006. 
  • Real Pets. TV Series. Scriptwriter and script coordinator. Animated dolls. Disney Channel. 2006. 
  • Plan C. Scriptwriter. Telecinco. 2005. 
  • Zon@Disney. Scriptwriter and Assistant Director. TVE/ Disney Channel. 2002- 2005. 
  • Disney Club. Scriptwriter. Telecinco. 2002.

Personal info

  • Presenter of events and galas for channels and platforms: Movistar, Netflix, FOX, AMC, SKY, HBO, etc. 
  • Presenter of festivals such as the Malaga Film Festival, MOSMA, Screen TV, Iberian Film Festival, etc. 
  • Author of La Manceba. Story included in Historias del Camino (Ed. Zenda), 2022. 
  • Author of the book Me llamo Peggy Olson: el retrato de una auténtica heroína entre los Mad Men (Ediciones B). 2015.