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Giuseppe Aste

Languages: Spanish, Italian, English and French



Cinema and TV

  • Ein sommer auf Mallorca. TV Movie. Dir. Florian Gärtner. 2018
  • Huevos fritos. Short film. Dir. Aaron Dormer. 2016
  • Behold the monkey. Dir. Adam Wimpenny. 2015
  • Der Mallorcadetektiv. Dir. Heinz Dietz. 2012
  • A long way down. Dir. Pascal Chaumeill. 2012
  • O chyom molchat devushki. Dir. Karen Oganesyan. 2011
  • Expedient 971. Series. IB3tv. Main character. 2007
  • Laberint de passions. Series. IB3tv. 2007
  • Trappola per il boss. 1990.


  • Acting in front of the camera by Pablo Silberschmidt
  • Acting in front of the camera course
  • Technique workshop by Sanford Meisner
  • Actor tools’ in front of the camera