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Giselle Llanio, directora, representante Giselle Llanio, dos vidas, Tinglao Management, representacion de actores y actrices, representacion de directores, madrid

Giselle Llanio

Rose D'Or Award

Best daily series for Dos Vidas

Academia Española de Televisión

Best series for Libro de familia



Two lives, trailer
Two lives, trailer
A Estiba, trailer
A Estiba, trailer
Dalia la modista, trailer
Dalia la modista, trailer
Serramoura, trailer
Serramoura, trailer
Lobos e cordeiros, trailer
Lobos e cordeiros, trailer
Pazo de familia, trailer
Pazo de familia, trailer



  • Vidas Perras. Full-lenght film. Director. 2022
  • Saudade de ti. Series. Director. Voz Audiovisual, TGV. 2022
  • Two lives. Series. Director. Bambú Producciones and Mascaret Films. RTVE. 2020-2021
  • A estiba. Series. Director. Voz Audiovisual. 2019
  • Lobos e cordeiros. Series. Director. El Correo Gallego. 2018 
  • Serramoura. Series. 8th season director. Voz Audiovisual. 2018
  • Pazo de familia. Series. Director. El Correo Gallego. 2014-2018
  • Dalia a modista. Miniseries. Director. CTV S.A. 2016
  • XII Mestre Mateo Awards. Gala. Director. TVG and Academia Galega del Audiovisual. 2014
  • Libro de familia. Series. Director. El Correo Gallego. 2004-2013
  • Supermartes. Weekly live contest. Director. CTV S.A. 2002-2004
  • Pequeño hotel. Series. Director. CTV S.A. 2001-2002
  • Comentarios. Weekly live talk show. 1997


  • A revista. Informative magazine. Producer. 2008
  • FIOS. Series. Producer. La Región. 2001
  • Nada es para siempre. Series. Producer. Antena 3. 1999-2000
  • Mareas vivas. Series. Producers team. Voz Audiovisual. 1998
  • Habanos S.A. Live gala. Producer. Cubavisión Internacional. 1998
  • La confronta. Talk show. Producer. 1996-1997
  • Noticiero nacional deportivo. Producer. 1995-1998
  • Todo deportes. Weekly live magazine. Producer. 1995-1996
  • Panamericanos de mar del plata 95. Live debate. Producer. 1995


  • Graduated from the Instituto Superior de Arte de la Habana, specializing in film, radio and television directing.
  • Degree from the International Film and TV School of San Antonio de los Baños (Cuba), specializing in directing actors and screenwriting.
  • Master’s Degree in Executive Production for Film and TV Series at ECAM.



Here you can download the complete profile of this talent.

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