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Eutimio Fuentes


Goya, trailer
Goya, trailer



Cinema and TV

  • El doctor del pueblo. TV series. Telemundo. 2023
  • Goya. Full-lenght film. Dir. Pablo Orta. Main character. IMCINE y UDG
  • De mis raíces. Short film. Dir. Daniel Issac Rodríguez Martínez. Jalisco, Mexico
  • Fuego y cenizas. Short film. Dir. Rafa Larx. Jalisco, Mexico
  • El eclipse de Jimena. Short film. Dir. Rafa Larx. Jalisco, Mexico. Winner to the Best Short Film in the International Film Festival of La Paz. 2019
  • Somos culpables. Web series in 360. Dir. Alejandro Soltero. 2018
  • Malnacidos. Short film. Dir. Berni Castro. 2017


  • Stage arts for theater expression 2016-2020 (Instituto de Arte Escénico INART) Guadalajara, Jalisco.
  • Acting in front of the camera course (March 2020) with Sergio Tovar Velarde, director of Cuatro Lunas. Jalisco, Mexico.
  • Acting in front of the camera course with Said Sandoval, CDMX.


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