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Eduardo Cortés



Háblame de ti, tráiler
Háblame de ti, tráiler




  • Háblame de ti. Full-lenght film. Director and scriptwriter. 2022
  • Every me, every you. Short film. Director. 2017
  • Evie. Short film. Director. 2017
  • Cuestión de corbatas. Short film. Director and scriptwriter. 2012

Second Unit / AD director

  • Son tu fan. Series. 1 AD Director. Second Unit Director. Underway
  • Son tu fan: La película. Full-lenght film. 1 AD Director. 2022
  • ¿Qué culpa tiene el Karma? Full-lenght film. 1 AD Director. 2022
  • Dos más dos. Full-lenght film. 1 AD Director. 2022
  • Yo te sigo. Short film. AD Director. 2021
  • Ricochet. Full-lenght film. 1 AD Director. 2020
  • Fractal. Full-lenght film. 1 AD Director. 2020
  • Sin miedo a la verdad. Series. 1 AD Director. 2020
  • Desenfrenadas. Series. 1 AD Director. Second Unit Director. 2020
  • El hubiera sí existe. Full-lenght film. 1 AD Director. 2019
  • M.I.N.T. Series. 1 AD Director. 2019
  • Nomad City Blues. Short film. 1 AD Director. 2018
  • El Alien y yo. Full-lenght film. 2 AD Director. 2016
  • A la mala. Full-lenght film. 1 AD Director Second Unit. 2015
  • Visitantes. Full-lenght film. 1 AD Director Second Unit. 2014


  • MFA in filmmaking, fiction directing. Goldsmiths, University of London
  • International Screenwriting Lab. Medellín, Colombia
  • Feature film screenwriting workshop. Itinerant Film School
  • Bachelor’s degree in communication – specialization in film. Universidad Anáhuac México Norte
  • Diploma in leadership in communication. Universidad Anáhuac México Norte


Here you can download the complete profile of this talent.

In the PDF, you will find links to the videobook and the scenes, and you can have the photos and all the info about his work experience, training and other interesting information.