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Corinna Seiter

Languages: German, Spanish, English, French and Italian


Emotional Disease
Emotional Disease
Otros Mundos, Rosswell
Otros Mundos, Rosswell
Otros Mundos, Rosswell
Otros Mundos, Rosswell



Cinema and TV

  • Fugitivos. Series. Movistar+. Dir. Juancho Bañuelos. 2022
  • Otros Mundos, Rosswell. Series. Movistar+. Dir. Alfonso Cortés-Cavanillas. 2020
  • Los Europeos. Full-lenght film. Dir. Victor García León. 2019
  • Walk. Webseries. MR Factory Madrid. Main character. 2018
  • Letters to Paul Morrissey. Full-lenght film. Dir. Armand Rovira. 2017
  • Emotional Disease. Short film. Dir. Marieta Caballero. 2017
  • Ma Belle. Short film. Dir. Antoni Caimari. 2017
  • The Marionette. Full-lenght film. Dir. Antoni Caimari. 2015
  • Art Odyssey. Pacific Camps. 2014
  • Das Mädchen der Marionette. Short film. Dir. Antoni Caimari. 2013


  • Hamlet. Dir. Juan E. Balcells. Auditorium de Palma de Mallorca. 2015
  • Espejos rotos. Dir. Vincenç Oliver. Inperiencia Teatro. 2014/2015
  • Macbeth. Dir. Juan E. Balcells. Auditorium de Palma de Mallorca. 2014


  • Actoral training by Fernando Piernas, 4 Units and Ronda Alto Voltaje
  • Metodo Chekov intensive training by Graham Dixon
  • Susan Batson method, by Arantxa de Juan, Central de Cine, Madrid. (April-July 2016)
  • Monologue and camera by Juan Calvo, Escuela de Actores Unir, Madrid.
  • Dramatic art in Inperiencia Teatre School (2014-2015)
  • Bachelor of Arts“International Cultural and Business Studies“ in Passau University, Germany

Skills and Personal Info

  • Availability to work in Germany and Spain


Here you can download the complete profile of this talent.

In the PDF, you will find links to the videobook and the scenes, and you can have the photos and all the info about his work experience, training and other interesting information.