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Christian Márquez

Catalan actor born in L’Hospitalet de Llobregat (Barcelona) and graduated from the acting school Nancy Tuñon.

He combines his work as an actor with the facet of acting teacher in “Tu personaje se emociona”, a course founded by him, where he has been teaching for three years.

From that need to create, express and feel, he lets himself be carried away by writing and goes a step further. He shares his writings on his website and takes another step forward… he decides to bet on music.

He composes the lyrics of his songs and chooses rap as a channel of expression.

“Fear fills the show with false applause. The academy of conformism nominated me but I resigned ipso facto”.

With these verses from one of his songs he defines himself. Without fear and without conforming, that yes, all with calm steps and without running, to be able to see all that he already has here and enjoy it.

Languages: Spanish and Catalan (bilingual)

Haunting day

Best actor award in the ‘Horror Film Festival’, 2021

Best actor award in the London ‘Screen Power Film Festival’, 2020





Cinema & TV

  • One Way or Another. TV series. HBO. Globomedia
  • Insurrección. Currently filming (Series). Dir Jorge Hinojosa. 2021 (‘La casa del pavo’ studio).
  • Yo también. Short Film. Dir Sona Sahakyan. 2021.
  • House 38. Short Film. Dir Albert Nualart. 2020 (Rounart films aldi).
  • Intermedio. Short Film. Dir. Bernabé Rico. 2020 (Talycual producciones, Movistar+).
  • Hache. Dir. Jorge Torregrossa. 2019 (Weekend Studio, Netflix).
  • Entre la luz y las sombras. Short Film. Dir. Victor Mallo. 2019 (Mallo films).
  • Sense sostre. Dir. Xesc Cabot & Pep Garrido. 2018 (Alhena produccions, Atiende Films, TV3).
  • Look What You’ve Done. Series. Movistar+. Dir Carlos T. & Berto Romero. 2018 (El terrat produccions).
  • Inquietante. Short Film. Dir. Joaquim Bundó. 2018 (Mussol produccions).
  • Si nos cruzamos. Videoclip Ambkor. Main character. 2017
  • El premio. Webseries. Main character. Dir. Arcadi Martin, 2016 (Pandereta Films).
  • Plorant pintura. Short Film. Main character. Dir. Bertus Compañó. 2015.
  • Tres canicas y una rosa. Short Film. Main character. Dir. Bertus Compañó. 2015.
  • Bocadillo de salchichón. Short Film. Main character. Dir. Carlos Ocho. 2014.


  • La terapia. Dir. Chus Pereiro. 2019 (Microteatro Mad).
  • La profesional. Dir. Sebastián Muñoz. 2017 (Microteatro Bcn).
  • Voces ocultas. Dir. Joaquim Bundó. 2017 (Microteatro Bcn).
  • La terapia. Dir. Joaquim Bundó. 2017 (Microteatro Bcn).
  • Inquietante. Dir. Joaquim Bundó. 2016 (Microteatro Bcn).
  • La espera. Dir. Joaquim Bundó. 2016 (Microteatro Bcn).
  • La miré disimuladamente. Dir. Jose Manuel Serrano. 2016 (Microteatro Bcn).
  • Descansa amb en Pau. Dir. Bertus Compañó. 2015.
  • Condemnats. Dir. Bertus Compañó. 2015.


  • Acting and casting with Juan León. 2019
  • Acting and casting with Tonucha Vidal. 2018
  • Acting and casting with Laya Martí. 2017
  • Actor training at the “Estudi Nancy Tuñon i Jordi Oliver”. 2011-2016
  • Acting with Isak Ferriz. 2016
  • Acting and casting with Mireia Juárez. 2016
  • Casting with Andrés Cuenca. 2015
  • “Actor in front of the camera” with Esteve Rovira. 2015
  • Acting with Bertus Compañó i Galo. 2014
  • “Actors in front of the camera”, with Álvaro Haro, Tonucha Vidal & Javier Luna. 2013.

Skills & Personal Info

  • Driving license B and A2
  • Residence in Madrid & Barcelona
  • Native of ‘L’Hospitalet de Llobregat’, Barcelona (Catalonia)


Here you can download the complete profile of this talent.


In the PDF you will find links to the videobook and the scenes and you can have the photos and all the info about his work experience, training and other interesting information.