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Representante Carlota Pereda, Directora, Las rubias, Tinglao Management, Madrid

Carlota Pereda

Languages: Spanish & English

Nomination Goya Awards 2023​

Best New Director, for Piggy

Best Adapted Screenplay, for Piggy

Nomination Feroz Awards 2023

Best Direction, for Piggy

Best Screenplay, for Piggy

Méliès D'Or, Sitges​

Best feature lenght film, for Piggy. 2022

Goya Award for Best Fiction Short Film​

For Piggy. 2019



The Chapel
The Chapel
Piggy, trailer
Piggy, trailer
Piggy, shortfilm
Piggy, shortfilm
Las Rubias
Las Rubias



  • Todas las veces que nos enamoramos. Director. El Desorden Crea. 2022
  • Alba. Director. Boomerang. 2020
  • Acacias 38. Director. Boomerang. 2019
  • The Secret of Puente Viejo. Director. Boomerang. 2018/2019
  • Lalola. Director and producer. Boomerang. 2008
  • Lex. Director. Boomerang. 2008
  • B&B. Producer and filming and postproduction coordinator. 2013-2015
  • Luna, el misterio de Calenda. Producer and filming and postproduction coordinator. 2011-2013
  • Águila Roja, la película. Postproduction coordinator. 2010-2011
  • Águila Roja. Producer and filming and postproduction coordinator. 2008-2010
  • La que se avecina. Second unit producer. 2008
  • LEX. Producer and filming and postproduction coordinator. 2008
  • Periodistas. Writer. 8th season. Globomedia. 2001


  • La Ermita. Full-lenght film. Director. 2023
  • Piggy. Full-lenght film. Director and scriptwriter. Morena Films. 2022
  • There will be monsters. Short film. Director. 2019
  • Piggy. Short film. Director and scriptwriter. 2017
  • PEZ. Short film. Scriptwriter. Dir. Javier Quintas. Sacromonte Films. 2017
  • The Blondes. Short film. Director and scriptwriter. 2015


  • PIGGY, full-lenght film. Augusto del corto al largo – festival de cine de Zaragoza 2022
  • THERE WILL BE MONSTERS. 1 Award and 39 international selections.
  • Cannes Cinema Festival, Focus CoPro Award.
  • Slamdance Russo Brothers Fellowship. The award includes mentoring from Russo Brothers, scriptwriters and directors of ‘The Avengers: Infinity War’, ‘Endgame’ and ‘Captain America’.
  • PIGGY. 87 awards and 286 international selections.

    Goya 33th edition. Best Short Film Award. 2019
    CityBlue Films Awards. Audience Award for Best Screenplay. 2019
    Jim Thorpe Independent Festival-Shorts. Best actress (Laura Galán) and Best Director Awards. 2019
    European Independent Film Festival-ECU-Short Films. Best Independent Film Award. 2019
    Redline International Film Festival. Best Thriller Short Film Award. 2019
    Kontrast Film Festival. Third Audience Award. 2019
    Tres Cantos Cinema Festival by Women, Second Award. 2019
    International Film Festival of Palencia. Best Short Film by Prision Audience Award. 2019
    Pendance Film Festival. Best Short Film Award. 2019
    ‘La Vieja Encina’ Fantastic Short Films Festival. Best acting (Laura Galán) and Second National Short Film Awards. 2019
    Forqué Short Films Awards. Best National Short Film. 2019
    Nox Film Festial. Jury Prize and Best Short Film Audience. 2019
    Arganda Film Festival. Second Prize. 2018
    Tapiales-Argentina Short Film Festival. Jury Prize for the Best Short Film. 2018
    Zaragoza Film Festival (Short Films). Best National Short Film Award. 2018
    Ciudad de Soria Short Film Contest. Best Short Film Young Jury Award. Best acting Award (Laura Galán). 2018
    San Martín del Rey Aurelio-CineSan Festival. Best acting Award (Laura Galán). 2018
    Boadilla del Monte Short FIlm Festival. Special Jury Priza Daniel Golstein for best femenine direction. 2018
    Brno Sixteen Short Film Competition. Audience Award. 2018
    Saturzine Film Festival. Best National Short Film and Best Actress Award. 2018
    Gollut Festival. Special Mention. 2018
    Santaella Short Films Contest. Best Short Film Award. 2018
    Aspe Short Film Festival. Best Short Film Award. 2018
    Talavera de la Reina-Pavez Short Films Festival. Best National Short Film, Best Screenplay (Carlota Pereda), Best Secondary Actor (Paco Hidalgo), Best Art Direction (María Gómez Lou), Best Editing (David Pelegrín), Best Direction, Best Actress (Laura Galán), Best Direction of Photography (Rita Noeriga), and Best Sound (Nacho Arenas y Edi Raimondo) Awards. 2018
    Sant Joan d’Alacant Film Festival. Best Social Theme Short Film. 2018
    Short Film Week in Comunidad de Madrid. Madrid en corto Award and Telemadrid/La Otra Award. 2018

  • PEZ.
    Cuida de mi. Best Short Film Screenplay Award. 2015

  • LAS RUBIAS. 18 awards and 141 international selections
    Arganzuela Short Film Week. Third Prize. 2017
    Funcinema Festival. Best actress award (Maggie Civantos y Eva García-Vacas). 2017
    Novice- Debut, Extremadura – Short Films. Audience Award. 2017
    Sax International Film Festival (FICS). Special Mention. 2017
    Ojos del Guadiana Festival. Second prize shared. 2017
    Short Films with Ñ Festival. Audience Award. 2017
    Aguacate Film Festival. Teen Jury Award. 2017
    Cinemator Festival-NOVEAUX Talents. Mention to femenine acting for Maggie Civantos, and mention to stage director. 2017
    Tres Cantos Cinema Festival by Women, First Award. 2017
    Itinerante CortoEspaña Festival. Third Audience Award. 2017
    Carabanchel Short Films Contest. Third Prize. 2017
    Ajalvir Short Films Exhibition. Audience Award. 2016
    Short Film Week in Comunidad de Madrid. Madrid en corto Award and Telemadrid/La Otra Award. 2016
    Medina del Campo Film Week. Young Jury Award. 2016

Skills and Personal Info

  • Member of CIMA, Association of women filmmakers and audiovisual media
  • Member of ALMA, Scriptwriters Union



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