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Camilo Vasquez, director de teatro, tinglao management, colectivo fango, madrid

Camilo Vásquez

Theater director


Best show at the XII CENIT (Certamen de Nuevos Investigadores), Seville, 2020

F. O. M. O.

Winner LMDP Festival of Theater and New Technologies in Sardinia, Italy, 2017




La Espera
La Espera
Entrevista RTVE
Entrevista RTVE


Colectivo Fango Director

  • Trilogy on the search for identity through time. F.O.M.O. + Tribu + La Espera. Teatros del Canal. November/December 2022
  • Ay, Europa ¿se acabó? Itinerant performance at the Goethe Institut as part of the Vortex project – a living arts exchange circuit between creators and institutions. March 2022.
  • La Espera. Play that closes the Trilogy on the search for identity through time. Co-produced by the Teatros del Canal and in collaboration with the Teatro de la Abadía. Teatros del Canal. 2021
  • L I M B O. Play created for the #confín initiative of the 38th Autumn Festival, which closed the festival at Réplika Teatro. 2020
  • Tribu. Second play of the trilogy, it premieres at the Surge Madrid Festival at La Cuarta Pared in 2019. It participates and wins best show at the XII CENIT (Certamen de nuevos investigadores) in Seville in 2020. It returns to Seville as winner of CENIT and is programmed at the Teatro Cervantes within the Festival de Teatro de Málaga in 2021. It is part of the exhibition Nudo Nido curated by Isabella Lenzi and Claudia Rodriguez-Ponga at the Sala de Arte Joven de la Comunidad de Madrid. In 2023 is part of the XXIV Festival Escena Abierta.
  • F.O.M.O (Fear of Missing Out). Play that opens the trilogy and first creation of Colectivo Fango. It premiered at the Surge Madrid Festival in 2017. In the same year, it is invited to participate in the LMDP Festival of Theater and New Technologies in Sardinia, Italy. In 2018 it is programmed at the Princess Hall of the CDN (Centro Dramático Nacional) and is selected by the Be Festival, in Birmingham.

Stage Director

  • El océano contra las rocas. By Sergio Martínez Vila. Dramatized reading within the cycle of readings of AISGE. 2017.
  • Periodo de reflexión. By Sergio Martínez Vila. Idea and direction by Camilo Vásquez. Play about the trafficking of women for sexual exploitation. The residency and premiere was at Espacio Labruc. Then, it did a season at La Casa de la Portera. 2014/2015.
  • Transrealidades. Documentary play that tells the non-fictionalized life stories of five trans women. Idea and direction by Camilo Vásquez. The residency and premiere was at Espacio Labruc. Afterwards, it did a season at La Pensión de las Pulgas. 2014/2015.
  • Una puta mierda (o siete personajes que podría ser, pero elijo no ser). Monologue based on texts by Eric Bogosian. Lara Theater. 2014/2016
  • Leche. Collective creation of the theatrical research group Yo, erótica (Ángela Boix, Eva Llorach, Ángela Villar). Espacio 8 Gallery. 2012/2013

Director Assistant

  • Lastres. Starring Anabel Alonso, Marta Belenguer and Ana Fernández. Production Pentación. Círculo de Bellas Artes. 2013.
  • Ustedes perdonen. Idea and direction Salva Bolta. Assistant director, production assistant and company manager. La Casa de la Portera. 2013
  • Vulvas al vapor. Cabaret. Cía. Satiricones. 2013
  • El montacargas. By Harold Pinter. Directed by Tamzin Townsend. 2011


  • Buenos Aires:
    • Dramatic art (3 years) Escuela de teatro Andamio 90.
    • Regular acting course at the Teatro General San Martín.
  • Madrid:
    • Dramatic art (3 years). Actor’s School Réplika.
    • Body and movement. Arnold Taraborrelli, Daniel Abreu, Natalia Fernandes.
    • Worshops. Fernando Soto, Falk Richter, Gianina Carbunariu, among others.
  • English: intermediate level.


  • Permanent laboratory of scenic creation and acting training. 2022-2023
  • Laboratory around “La espera” at Teatro de la Abadía. 2021
  • Scenic creation module at the Juan Codina Studio. 2020/current
  • Acting dramaturgy module at La Central de Cine. 2020/2021
  • Masterclass on dramaturgy and new technologies. Complutense University. 2020
  • Masterclass at AISGE’s Actúa Center. 2019
  • Workshop “when fiction surpasses reality” at La Térmica, Málaga. 2019
  • Intensive labs of scenic research “return to the tribe”. Exlímite. 2018/2019
  • Workshop within the activities around the exhibition of F.O.M.O. at the CDN. 2018
  • Masterclass on scenic creation within the LMDP Festival in Sardinia, Italy. 2017
  • Speaker at the documentary theater workshop by Lucía Miranda – Cross Border Project, at the CDN. 2015



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