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Camila Rojas

Languages: Spanish and English




  • El Rey: Vicente Fernández. Series. Netflix. 2022
  • Pasión de gavilanes. Series. Netflix. 2022
  • Herederos por accidente. Series. Claro Video. 2020
  • Un poquito tuyo. Series. Imagen televisión. 2019
  • Sin miedo a la verdad. Series. Televisa. 2018
  • Falsos Falsificados. Series. Sony Pictures Television. 2018
  • Las malcriadas. Series. TV Azteca. 2017
  • Mil formas de amar. Series. TV Azteca. 2017
  • Nada Personal. Series. TV Azteca. 2017
  • Lo que callamos las mujeres. Series. TV Azteca. 2017
  • Un día cualquiera. Series. TV Azteca. 2016
  • Corazón en Condominio. Series. TV Azteca. 2015
  • UEPA: un escenario para amar. Series. TV Azteca. 2015
  • Siempre tuya Acapulco. Series. TV Azteca. 2014


  • Expecting Isabel. Dir. Joe García
  • The House of Bernarda Alba. Dir. Timothy Landfield
  • Ascensión Ray. Dir. Judith Ohannon
  • Skype Hells. Dir. Timothy Landfield
  • By the sea, by the blue sea. Dir. Diana Brown


  • Private Coaching. Improv, commercials, Scene Study, Auditioning – Valorie Hubbard.
  • Cambridge School of performing arts – England.
  • The American Academy of Dramatic Arts – Los Ángeles.

Skills and Personal Info

  • Dance
  • Pole Dance
  • Olympic Gimnastics


Here you can download the complete profile of this talent.

In the PDF, you will find links to the videobook and the scenes, and you can have the photos and all the info about his work experience, training and other interesting information.