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Blanca Andres, Guionista

Blanchi Andrés




  • White Lies. TV series. Comedy. Co-creator for EL DESEO and VIACOM, premiered on Skyshowtime-Paramount+. 2023.
  • Script and project development analyst for GREENLIGHT Productions. July 2023 – Currently.
  • El Cargamento. Full-lenght film. By Filmadora Prod. for VIDEOCINE (México) – ROAD MOVIE-THRILLER.
  • Lejaim. Series.  Femenine comedy. 2021
  • Rat Mothers. Series. Comedy. Creator for FEDERATION Entertainment. 2021
  • El Valle. Series. Emotional thriller. Creator for BUENDÍA ESTUDIOS. 2019
  • Junior Scriptwriter in DLO prod. developement team, for T5, A3 y TVE. 2014-15
  • Dibujos de luz: en el camino. Documentary for SAVE THE CHILDREN (Seminci ‘10). 2010
  • Promotional video Sociedad Española de Hematología y Hemodiálisis. Scriptwriter. 2019
  • Promo presentation. Scriptwriter. Ludiana Bluefields2015
  • Promo documentary. Scriptwriter. Heroes of Faith2015


  • Master’s degree in Scriptwriting for Cinema and TV. Univ. Carlos III. Madrid. 2009-10
  • Graduated in Audiovisual Communication. UCM. 1989-94
  • Vocational Training in Filming. E.S.R.A Côte d’Azur. France. 1997-99
  • Master class on-line: Aaron Sorkin. Teaches Screenwriting. 2020
  • Terror script course by Robert Mckee. ECAM. 2019
  • Autobiographic writing course. Escuela Fuentetaja. 2017-18
  • Creativity and luminous ideas Workshop. Escuela Valentín TUBAU. 2010
  • Script course by Ángela Armero. Hotel Kafka. 2009
  • Article writing course. Escuela de Humanidades. 2008
  • Creative writing workshop. Escuela de Escritores. 2008

Other Info

  • More than 20 years of experience in shootings as script and direction assistant.



Here you can download the complete profile of this talent.

In the PDF, you will find links to the videobook and the scenes, and you can have the photos and all the info about his work experience, training and other interesting information.