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Alejandro Zuno

Best Fiction Short Film for Oasis

Winner of the Ariel, 2018

Winner of the Diosa de Plata, 2018

Best Documentary for Abrir la tierra

Nominated to the Ariel, 2020

Winner of Shorts México, 2020

Winner of Literally Short Film Festival, 2020



Hotel Room
Hotel Room
Open the Earth
Open the Earth



  • Tengo que morir todas las noches. TV series. Director. Paramount. 2022
  • Asesino del olvido. TV series. Second Unit Director. 2021
  • Cosas imposibles. Full-lenght film. Second Unit Director. 2021
  • Open the Earth. Documentary short. Director and writer. 2019
  • Te amo. Short film. Director. 2018
  • Oasis. Short film. Director and writer. 2017
  • Hotel Room. Short film. Director and writer. 2015
  • La despedida de Eugenio. Short film. Director and writer. 2009
  • Emilio’s eyes. Short film. Director and writer. 2005
  • Elisa. Short film. Director and writer. 2005
  • 25 días de lluvia y sol. Short film. Director and writer. 2005

Director assistant

  • Mamá o Papá. Full-lenght film. 1st Ad. Director. 2023 (in post-production)
  • Cosas imposibles. TV series. 1st Ad. Director. 2021
  • Todo en juego. Full-lenght film. 1st Ad. Director of the Second Unit. 2020
  • ¡Ánimo juventud! Full-lenght film. 1st Ad. Director. 2020
  • Territorio. Full-lenght film. 1st Ad. Director. 2020
  • Nadie sabrá nunca. Full-lenght film. 1st Ad. Director. 2018
  • Las 13 Esposas de Wilson Fernández. TV series.  Ad. Director. 2017
  • Macho. Full-lenght film. 1st Ad. Director. 2016
  • El peluquero romántico. Full-lenght film. 1st Ad. Director. 2016
  • La vida inmoral de la pareja ideal. Full-lenght film. 1st Ad. Director. 2016
  • La Habitación. Full-lenght film. 1st Ad. Director. 2016
  • Trémulo. Short Film. 1st Ad. Director. 2015
  • Las oscuras primaveras. Full-lenght film. 1st Ad. Director. 2014
  • Obediencia perfecta. Full-lenght film. 1st Ad. Director. 2014
  • O ser un elefante. Short Film. 1st Ad. Director. 2013
  • En Aguas Quietas. Short Film. 1st Ad. Director. 2011
  • El sótano. Short Film. 1st Ad. Director. 2009
  • 40º a la sombra. Short Film. 2nd Ad. Director. 2008
  • Todos los días son tuyos. Full-lenght film. 3rd Ad. Director. 2007
  • Lucía. Short Film. 1st Ad. Director. 2006
  • Razor dream. Short Film. 1st Ad. Director. 2005


  • Escuela Nacional de Artes Cinematográficas of UNAM.



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