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Albert Artiaga

Languages: Spanish, Catalan, Italian, English and Portuguese



Cinema and TV

  • Acedia. Short film. Directed by Albert Privat. Main character. Drama. 2018
  • Gala de Santa Llúcia. Catalonian Literature Awards Actor, emitted live for TV3. 14th December 2018
  • Madeleine. Short film. De Albert Privat. 2017
  • Cortus intetruptus. Short film. Productora Cheesburger. Para Notodofilm fest. 2017
  • Videoclip “bicha”. By El Lichis. Directed by Laia Albert. 2017.
  • Welcome to Berlin. Web series. Directed by Pau Ortiz y Joan Burdeus. 2016
  • Ciencia Forense. Series. TVE1. 2016
  • “Sabotatge”. Music video “Manel”. Directed by Sergi Pérez. 2016
  • Cafè i croisant. Short film. Productora Cheesburger. 2016
  • Runners. Short film. Directed by Marta López Fernandez. 2016
  • Life. Short film. Directed by Marc Oliva. Produced by Motion birds. 2016
  • Limboland. Short film. Directed by Jim Sorribas Soler. Proyecto final ESCAC. 2016
  • Jaguar. Short film. Directed by Martí Colomer (Master ESCAC). 2015
  • Impulso. Short film. By Marta López. 2015
  • Zumo de uva. Short film. Landscape Festival. Distrito de Horta-Guinardó. Barcelona. 2015
  • Green Pizzeria. Short film. 2015
  • High Tide. Short film. Directed by Nora Nisari. 2015
  • Luna. Short film. Directed by Paulo Pinto. 2015
  • Ágora. Short film. Drama. Secondary character. 2015
  • La pelu. Short film. Comedia. Carlos, main character. 2015
  • Mama(da). Short film. 2014
  • Còmics. Tv3. Thematic programs.
  • La Riera. De TV3. Dirección Esteve Rovira. Secondary character.
  • Polonia i Crackovia. De TV3. Secondary character
  • Radio Menorca. Cadena Ser. Coommenter “Hora 14 Menorca”. Menorca. September 2005- June 2006.
  • Radio Olot. Olot la Garrotxa. Commenter, co-host of matutine programme “5 minuts més”. September 2002- June 2004.
  • Radio 7 Vallès. Granollers. Sports commentator. Barcelona. Seasons 2000-2001, 2001-2002.


  • Deliris. Directed by Miquel Mestre. 2019
  • Tina la bruixa fina. Directed by Frederic Roda. 2019
  • La revolució de les coses petites. Written and directed by Jaume Miró. 2018
  • Passatges. By Pere Bonet. Directed by Miquel Mestre. Inca. 2018
  • Vernisatge. By Vaclav Havel. Dir. Catalina Florit. Dramatized reading. 2017
  • Fedra. Teseo. 2015
  • Aclimatados. Companyia teatral. Creative fussion Barcelona. 2013
  • Lisístrata el Musical. Musical comedy. 2012
  • Sandeces. Drama. 2006.
  • Nombre. Drama. 2007.
  • Culpables. Comedy. 2008.
  • Homo. Drama. 2009.
  • Cosas de amigos. Comedy. 2010.
  • Los cumbiancheros. Teatro de calle. Since 2008.


  • Dance and voice course by “Hannes Langolf” . Porto Cristo. 2017
  • Acting in front of the camera, in English by “Aaron Spaiser”. Abril 2017
  • Escola Catalana del Doblatge (ECAD). 2 years training, dubbing. September 2011- June, 2013.
  • Voice Craft. Levels 1 and 2. (Estill voice international). Helen R. Rowson. Barcelona. September – December, 2012
  • Alexander Technique. Xavier Ortiz. September 2012- June, 2013.
  • Singing course. Helen R. Rowson. Barcelona. January 2012- September 2012.
  • Acting technique (actoral, text and body). Teatre auditori de Granollers. 2010-2011.
  • Physical theater. Mimo corporal dramático, técnica E. Decroux. Centre d’arts escèniques MOVEO. Barcelona. Intensive winter course. 2011.
  • Acting course. Anna Roca. Olot. 2008-2009.
  • Singing classes. Stefanie Ringes. Barcelona. 2004- 2006.

Skills and Personal Info

  • Experience as a singer and guitarist in music groups and solo since 1995. Currently a singer in the funk group “Monny Penny”.
  • Guitar, piano and percussion (djembe, darbuka, bongos).
  • Running, surfing, inline skating, tennis, basketball, soccer and skiing.
  • Presenter, master of cerimònies and entertainer in English at many events by the company “Vadetú” in Barcelona.
  • 6 years of experience in advertising voiceovers, audio description, audio guide, audio book, documentary and dubbing.
  • Driving license (B and A)